Feedly… what’s that?



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For  those who do not know what Feedly is i have taken the task to look up it’s definition for you:

*Clears throat*

Feedly is a news aggregator application for various web browsers and mobile devices running iOS and Android, also available as a cloud-based service. It compiles news feeds from a variety of online sources for the user to customize and share with others.

As part of this homework i was supposed to create (2) two different feeds in this app. The first feed would contain (5) five different ‘feeds’ of my personal interest and the other would contain (5) five other Professional “feeds”. So, in my personal interests’ feeds i added content related  to traveling, culture, DIY projects and Science since these are topic i enjoy learning and wondering about.

Since i’m currently enrolled and studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Dance, my professional content is all about dancing, movement and the body. I included content related to updated news in the dancing industry, teaching tips, as well as marketing and updates on what’s going on in people’s purchases and needs (i have an interest in Entrepreneurship).

Above you can see both of my Feed Categories just in case you are interested in searching and digging up some of my same interests.

If you have any other interests or are an expert in Feedly let me know what feeds are a must for YOU!

Hope you enjoy!



Places You Must Visit PP Assignment



Coming back from the dead with my homework’s due date!! jaja                                            Hope everybody’s having a blasting October cause next week it’s over *CRIES* Even though the leaves don’t change color here in Puerto Rico it’s still a good season.

So, as part of my Informatics class i was told to do a very brief and visual PowerPoint presentation with a topic of our choice. I love traveling and learning from cultures and places therefore i decided to go with “Places you Must Visit”.  Its quite simple and brief do to certain specifications given in class but i enjoyed searching for different types of places that could form part of my bucket list someday using the Creative Commons page. Nope, not sponsoring just doing what my homework’s says. If you want to see how it turned  out you can enjoy on my SlideShare account! Hope you like it and if you’ve been to any of those places leave a little something-something in the comment section 😉

Till’ next time!



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  • Short URL to my Presentation: https://bit.ly/2OF8FKr
  • Full URL to my presentation: https://www.slideshare.net/milmamatias/places-you-must-visit-120256489

Bookmarking with Diigo

For all those who are part of my bookmarking-everything-you-see club let me introduce you to a little something called Diigo. Diigo is a social bookmarking website that allows signed-up users to bookmark and tag Web pages. Additionally, it allows users to highlight any part of a web page and attach sticky notes to specific highlights or to a whole page. These annotations can be kept private, shared with a group within Diigo, or be forwarded to someone else via a special link. As part of our Informatics class we were told to look for and share our different articles regarding certain topics like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, etc so here my special to-the-point pages i chose…

2. What is Augmented Reality (AR) and How does it work

3.The Internet of Things

4. Artificial Intelligence

Just by clicking on the title it will send you straight to the page or you can also visit my profile on Diigo and the links directly from there!


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¡Be our guest!

For those who are interested in Puerto Rican talent i invite you to assist to this amazing performance in the month of October in which i’ll be participating along with my Contemporary Classmates 🍁

*Tickets will be up for sale SOON! 👀 *

Did you know?

Ballet of San Juan was founded in 1954 by Ana Garcia and Gilda Navarra as a vehicle to develop choreographic dancers and Puerto Rican dance masters, in addition to developing and increasing the dance public in Puerto Rico.

“Maria and Me”

When it started, September 20 , 2017…

It was early in the morning and my mom was still awake. We could hear through the shutters loud screeches of the wind tossing and breaking everything in it’s way. My mom would constantly wake me up and drag me to different rooms looking for the safest place to hide and right now, it was our bathroom. We laid in the shower floor along with our dogs and pillows to soften the tile beneath our bodies. From time to time i would peak through our small uncovered window and watch how the furious wind blew so hard it was starting to rip the house we had next door apart. A house that used to belong to my great-grandmother, abandoned now of course but filled wth lots of sentimental value. So in a way it was quite painful to see it slowly get ripped to pieces. My mom started crying and singing and i realized i really didn’t know what a category 5 hurricane was capable of. I remained calm trying to get her to relax  and soon enough we switched from the bathroom to her room for like the 20th time that day and drifted to sleep with Maria playing in the background.

That same morning i woke up to my mom’s cries and a really bright light coming from the hallway. I got up, made my way outside and for a moment i swear i literally did not recognize my home. My brain and mind were mixing up in every way possible and all i remember clearly was asking myself : “What in the world happened?”

The palm tree my older brother planted when he was four, gone. The water cistern i filled up all afternoon the day before, gone and destroyed. The trees? They were all in the ground or brown, burned and dry. I walked down our hill and saw our neighbors outside their houses picking up trees, scratching their heads , sitting in their stairs. It was sad and eye tearing to see so many lost faces just like mine…

After that day i found myself constantly checking my cellphone from time to time in hope of seeing at least a small bar of signal but it only read “No Service”.  There was no electricity, no water and the streets were impossible to drive through. I was thankful that most of my family lived near me and i could shortly know if they were okay, wish they were. But even our physical wellness could not take away that piercing pain we felt in inside when it came to the reality that we lost everything. We lost our job, we lost family, we lost our cars, money, our house, we lost a life that needs to be reconstructed again.

The endless hours in line in gas stations where one of the many bad daily struggles we had to go through. The amount of people in line for just $10 or $20 dollars worth of gas was horrifying. I can truly say i’ve never, ever witnessed or even thought until this day the feeling a huge amount of people in a place could give you. Because it wasn’t just people being there, it was kids with under the sun with their red cheeks, babies crying for formula that wasn’t there, old people in pain of standing for hours, it was bodies in agony, bodies in frustration all together waiting in line for one thing, gas. The grocery stores didn’t open after a while of settling and when they did it was surprising seeing how we needed to literally run to get food and water before it was gone, that was our reality. As soon as they opened the doors you could smell right away the stench of dead meat and rotten milk in the very back of the store.

Two weeks later we received a visit from our famous president Donald Trump and i want you to see a picture on how well it went:

Image result for trump throwing toilet paper in puerto rico

By this time only 5% of the population had electricity, half remained without drinkable water, one third of the hospitals could not provide adequate service and telecommunications were still severely limited. Even with this being a well proven fact, Trump decided to confidently believe that the only number of deaths in Puerto Rico were 17….

Despite rigorous studies from researchers at George Washington University arriving at that number (and a Harvard study suggesting it might even be understated) Trump decides to stay in denial of the actual number of deaths he claims he never witnessed the knowledge of on his visit… just two weeks after Maria. Being present two weeks after a natural disaster that has chaotically destroyed an island will not give you the reality that an entire month can and will uncover. He pointed to the artificially low death toll as evidence that his Administration was responding appropriately, when, in reality, a humanitarian catastrophe was befalling our fellow American citizens.

And his response…

I can keep going on and on but i prefer not to because the bad things can be so many but there is always that light at the end of the tunnel. Even though going through these necessities was a horrible process and excruciating experience i believe it was a very good and necessary lesson for many of us. Not having water led me to reuniting myself with old neighbors every night in a small natural spring while we washed our clothes one by one, hand by hand. Not having electricity made me really know who cares for me in times in need, who came home and left a note, a gallon of water or a simple can of tuna cause they couldn’t find me and wanted to make sure my family and i were okay. It helped me connect with our nature, see how burned and dry sticks could bloom to their natural green again just like us Puerto Ricans can rise from the ground . How walking to my grandma’s house can be better than driving and how thankful i am that i have a family that stands there for each other. Maria has been one of the toughest lessons in life for sure but it has been the one that has taught me the most about life. 

Not even the toughest storm on earth can take my Puerto Rican soul and my plantain stain away from me!


Giph1: https://gph.to/2Roi5aM

Giph2: https://gph.to/2QsLGi7

Picture: Copyrights belong to The Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/world/video/2017/oct/04/trump-throws-paper-towels-into-crowd-in-puerto-rico-video

Women in Literature and Culture

Disclaimer: This post is related to some classwork i have to work on and post in the making of this blog. Therefore it may or may not be related to the content the blog is originally meant to be about.  Either way, hope you like it!

       Power, strength, voice, compassion, women are made of so many great qualities that have changed our world day by day, year by year and generation by generation. Since we’ve stomped our feet in the ground and learned how to battle a world full of patriarchal perspectives and underestimations of a women’s potential to rise and fight, the roll of a women has become something to look forward to, an inspiration and a symbol of strength. Inserting this image and qualities in literature has made this vision grow and has made the world clearly see that we are capable of more than we even think.

As part of our topic investigation work in class i have attached a few articles and resources that inform us more about how women have changed literature, how they’re participation in creating it has also re-surfaced questions in our society and how they’ve slowly in a way become part of all of it around the world.

1. Chicharro-Merayo, M. (2018). Spanish history and female characters. Representations of women in Spanish historical fiction. Convergencia: Revista De Ciencias Sociales

2. Rekha, S. S. (2018). Emergence of New Women in the Select Novels of Nayantara Sahgal. Language In India18(8), 266-272

3. Chetia, B. (2017). Women in Science Fiction-Echoes from an Uninhibited World. Language In India,

4. Gassman, Jennifer Youngblut,(2006). A textual analysis of the role of women in historical fiction for young people” . Graduate Research Papers. 3 Sitio web:

5. Kathrin Majić Mazul. (2015). Women’s Literature in the 19th Century. 2015, de Sveučilište J.J.Strossmayera u Osijeku Sitio web: https://repozitorij.ffos.hr/islandora/object/ffos:234/preview

Points for Currency, Relevance, Authority and Accuracy:

  1. 14 Points
  2. 14 points
  3. 12 points
  4. 12 points
  5. 14 points


The importance and influence of the Web

Disclaimer: This post is related to some classwork i have to work on and post in the making of this blog. Therefore it may or may not be related to the content the blog is originally meant to be about.  Either way, hope you like it!

Opinion Time…

Topic: The influence and importance of the web.

Well, there are many things, opinions and ideas to have over such topic but one of the things that grabs my attention when we talk about this is children. We are born small and adorable until we grow up and start screaming and screeching for a toy, am i right?  Back then it would’ve been easy to shut us up with some bribe candy or a good old stare but that has changed now. The first thing parents do nowadays to stop this problem is give their children a phone ,maybe an iPad, with the intention of distracting and making the forget why were they crying in the first place.

Now, this has personally turned into a problem that unsettles me. I work at a restaurant as a hostess and it’s quite disturbing receiving five and ten-year-old’s come in behind their parents with huge headphones and their noses stuffed in a screen. They look like tiny robots, quiet, but disconnected from a reality, our reality. Sometimes that brings me to questions like:

Are a few hours of peace worth raising your children in an automatic way of distraction? What information are they receiving when they notice tantrums= Ipad? It has turned into a strategy of manipulation, how worse can it get? 

Now, I know not all parents are like that of course and that calms part of me, i mean there are many kids who prefer trees and swings over apps and screens but that is decreasing and it is a fact. Either way, the technology has turned into a powerful string of communication between many people, countries, and societies. We have the amazing power and ability in our hands to create, know and learn things that for people back then the only way was going to the nearest library. It has given strength to those who live in the distance (can relate), it has helped us greatly with assignments in school, and it has even helped grow and develop great companies that look for social impacts. The generous amounts of funds and organizations that are looking to make a difference in the world are being greatly benefited by the different social medias creating a direct impact on many people without the need to have them near..

Overall, i truly believe  it’s a great and powerful tool. The outcomes can be either good or bad depending on the person it lands to. But that is something that we cannot control to the fullest. I mean you can give two people the same thing but what they’ll choose to do with it will always be different. So, as long as it is used wisely i think it is capable of making a better place for every one in their own way!

Here and below i include a nice article and a video that share a few tips on how we can control the access of the web to our kids without losing the parent coolness 😉


*Feel free to comment any opinions, agreements or disagreements. Love hearing from different minds!*




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Loving You

There’s these thoughts and feelings that appear at some point of a/the day that tear our mind and self esteem down slowly. Our insecurities have this daily task of comparing us with other people we see or creating a wall of judgement when we look at ourselves. We come to this full list of things we would like to change, manipulate and such that it comes to a point where it’s the only thing we want. Change. “Fixing”.

I went through this A LOT and in a very frequent pattern. I compared myself everyday with every one and hated the vulnerability it gave me. I had this daily “If only” speech that insulted me in every way possible without me noticing the harm.

“You are pretty… if only your nose was slightly smaller you would be prettier. If only your waist was thinner you’d look great, if only…”

Every single word was a slap in the face and i learned to accept it as the truth (HUGE MISTAKE). As if i was right but i had to live with it because that was what i was given, a defective image.

To the person who’s reading this, i ask of you to please never let it get there. Don’t ever think that you must live an entire life talking about your body, your face, your personality or your intelligence like if it was a mistake, a defected one of the fabric or something incorrect because that is never going to be real.

Learning to love ourselves is one of the hardest things to do in this modern era were society has an exact portrait of what beauty is or should be. But the real enemy out there is only ourselves and what information we decide to believe and let sink in. There were some things that helped detach myself from all that and helped me discern all that was being said, showed and motivated out there…

#1 Appreciation:

One of the first things that help stabilize your self appreciation is understanding in every way possible that there is literally NO ONE like you in this world. It’s not just believing it, it’s understanding that it is true and a fact. That bump you have in your nose was made from scratch, your body was sketched in an original way, it’s your own original version, no duplicates. No one ever will be you and that’s a power only you can possess and use.

#2 Stop comparing:

You cannot compare a monkey with a fish so don’t expect to compare yourself with someone else. It’s very important to understand that we were naturally given individual strategies and ways of working, brain storming, seeing and what not. We are different individuals with different minds and appearances therefore comparing will always be useless because you will never find what you are you looking for. The only thing you’ll find is more disapproval and that’s going to cost you to see the amazing ability you have to be who YOU are.

#3 Embrace what you got!

We cannot draw out the fact that there’s always gonna be something we might just dislike a bit in a normal way because we are critics from nature. But there’s more good things than bad things and that is something you have to see. List out the best features you feel confident about yourself and embrace them. Brush those perfect eyebrows you were born with, wear those jeans that make you feel good, put some mascara on those long lashes or just let that beautiful hair loose. What makes you different males you stand out!

#4 Take care of yourself:

You should not feel like giving yourself some care = changing yourself. That’s an erroneous thought we need to flip the switch at. Caring for yourself in every way is a must in self healing and appreciation. Once you start caring, that’s when your body and heart will start giving back.

This is not an easy process, it takes time for our minds to come into this realization and give us the 🛑 sign. Ever since i noticed the beauty in difference, my whole perception has changed and i want others to reach that place. I still struggle many times but it’s easier every single day.

Self- acceptance is one of the things 70% of the teens nowadays lack and this is not okay. Low self-esteem can lead to serious negative activities like disordered eating, smoking, drinking, the list goes on and on.

In this world you were missing, therefore you were made🌱 Now embrace it in every way you can cause we are not going to be here for ever…

All the love x