Loving You

There’s these thoughts and feelings that appear at some point of a/the day that tear our mind and self esteem down slowly. Our insecurities have this daily task of comparing us with other people we see or creating a wall of judgement when we look at ourselves. We come to this full list of things we would like to change, manipulate and such that it comes to a point where it’s the only thing we want. Change. “Fixing”.

I went through this A LOT and in a very frequent pattern. I compared myself everyday with every one and hated the vulnerability it gave me. I had this daily “If only” speech that insulted me in every way possible without me noticing the harm.

“You are pretty… if only your nose was slightly smaller you would be prettier. If only your waist was thinner you’d look great, if only…”

Every single word was a slap in the face and i learned to accept it as the truth (HUGE MISTAKE). As if i was right but i had to live with it because that was what i was given, a defective image.

To the person who’s reading this, i ask of you to please never let it get there. Don’t ever think that you must live an entire life talking about your body, your face, your personality or your intelligence like if it was a mistake, a defected one of the fabric or something incorrect because that is never going to be real.

Learning to love ourselves is one of the hardest things to do in this modern era were society has an exact portrait of what beauty is or should be. But the real enemy out there is only ourselves and what information we decide to believe and let sink in. There were some things that helped detach myself from all that and helped me discern all that was being said, showed and motivated out there…

#1 Appreciation:

One of the first things that help stabilize your self appreciation is understanding in every way possible that there is literally NO ONE like you in this world. It’s not just believing it, it’s understanding that it is true and a fact. That bump you have in your nose was made from scratch, your body was sketched in an original way, it’s your own original version, no duplicates. No one ever will be you and that’s a power only you can possess and use.

#2 Stop comparing:

You cannot compare a monkey with a fish so don’t expect to compare yourself with someone else. It’s very important to understand that we were naturally given individual strategies and ways of working, brain storming, seeing and what not. We are different individuals with different minds and appearances therefore comparing will always be useless because you will never find what you are you looking for. The only thing you’ll find is more disapproval and that’s going to cost you to see the amazing ability you have to be who YOU are.

#3 Embrace what you got!

We cannot draw out the fact that there’s always gonna be something we might just dislike a bit in a normal way because we are critics from nature. But there’s more good things than bad things and that is something you have to see. List out the best features you feel confident about yourself and embrace them. Brush those perfect eyebrows you were born with, wear those jeans that make you feel good, put some mascara on those long lashes or just let that beautiful hair loose. What makes you different males you stand out!

#4 Take care of yourself:

You should not feel like giving yourself some care = changing yourself. That’s an erroneous thought we need to flip the switch at. Caring for yourself in every way is a must in self healing and appreciation. Once you start caring, that’s when your body and heart will start giving back.

This is not an easy process, it takes time for our minds to come into this realization and give us the 🛑 sign. Ever since i noticed the beauty in difference, my whole perception has changed and i want others to reach that place. I still struggle many times but it’s easier every single day.

Self- acceptance is one of the things 70% of the teens nowadays lack and this is not okay. Low self-esteem can lead to serious negative activities like disordered eating, smoking, drinking, the list goes on and on.

In this world you were missing, therefore you were made🌱 Now embrace it in every way you can cause we are not going to be here for ever…

All the love x





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