The importance and influence of the Web

Disclaimer: This post is related to some classwork i have to work on and post in the making of this blog. Therefore it may or may not be related to the content the blog is originally meant to be about.  Either way, hope you like it!

Opinion Time…

Topic: The influence and importance of the web.

Well, there are many things, opinions and ideas to have over such topic but one of the things that grabs my attention when we talk about this is children. We are born small and adorable until we grow up and start screaming and screeching for a toy, am i right?  Back then it would’ve been easy to shut us up with some bribe candy or a good old stare but that has changed now. The first thing parents do nowadays to stop this problem is give their children a phone ,maybe an iPad, with the intention of distracting and making the forget why were they crying in the first place.

Now, this has personally turned into a problem that unsettles me. I work at a restaurant as a hostess and it’s quite disturbing receiving five and ten-year-old’s come in behind their parents with huge headphones and their noses stuffed in a screen. They look like tiny robots, quiet, but disconnected from a reality, our reality. Sometimes that brings me to questions like:

Are a few hours of peace worth raising your children in an automatic way of distraction? What information are they receiving when they notice tantrums= Ipad? It has turned into a strategy of manipulation, how worse can it get? 

Now, I know not all parents are like that of course and that calms part of me, i mean there are many kids who prefer trees and swings over apps and screens but that is decreasing and it is a fact. Either way, the technology has turned into a powerful string of communication between many people, countries, and societies. We have the amazing power and ability in our hands to create, know and learn things that for people back then the only way was going to the nearest library. It has given strength to those who live in the distance (can relate), it has helped us greatly with assignments in school, and it has even helped grow and develop great companies that look for social impacts. The generous amounts of funds and organizations that are looking to make a difference in the world are being greatly benefited by the different social medias creating a direct impact on many people without the need to have them near..

Overall, i truly believe  it’s a great and powerful tool. The outcomes can be either good or bad depending on the person it lands to. But that is something that we cannot control to the fullest. I mean you can give two people the same thing but what they’ll choose to do with it will always be different. So, as long as it is used wisely i think it is capable of making a better place for every one in their own way!

Here and below i include a nice article and a video that share a few tips on how we can control the access of the web to our kids without losing the parent coolness 😉


*Feel free to comment any opinions, agreements or disagreements. Love hearing from different minds!*




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