Bookmarking with Diigo

For all those who are part of my bookmarking-everything-you-see club let me introduce you to a little something called Diigo. Diigo is a social bookmarking website that allows signed-up users to bookmark and tag Web pages. Additionally, it allows users to highlight any part of a web page and attach sticky notes to specific highlights or to a whole page. These annotations can be kept private, shared with a group within Diigo, or be forwarded to someone else via a special link. As part of our Informatics class we were told to look for and share our different articles regarding certain topics like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, etc so here my special to-the-point pages i chose…

2. What is Augmented Reality (AR) and How does it work

3.The Internet of Things

4. Artificial Intelligence

Just by clicking on the title it will send you straight to the page or you can also visit my profile on Diigo and the links directly from there!


Credits: Featured image by A Medium Corporation


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