Places You Must Visit PP Assignment



Coming back from the dead with my homework’s due date!! jaja                                            Hope everybody’s having a blasting October cause next week it’s over *CRIES* Even though the leaves don’t change color here in Puerto Rico it’s still a good season.

So, as part of my Informatics class i was told to do a very brief and visual PowerPoint presentation with a topic of our choice. I love traveling and learning from cultures and places therefore i decided to go with “Places you Must Visit”.  Its quite simple and brief do to certain specifications given in class but i enjoyed searching for different types of places that could form part of my bucket list someday using the Creative Commons page. Nope, not sponsoring just doing what my homework’s says. If you want to see how it turned  out you can enjoy on my SlideShare account! Hope you like it and if you’ve been to any of those places leave a little something-something in the comment section 😉

Till’ next time!



  • Featured Image: CC from Bytekut
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